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Piro-25 VRU

The PIRO 25 is ideal as a functional replacement for old mechanical vertical

gyros, which are often more expensive and has lesser long term reliability than

modern solid-state sensor. The entire package is specially developed for ease of installation, site setup, interface and minimal maintenance leading to minimum operating cost.

It employs latest high stability solid state MEMS 3-axis accelerometer and 3-axis gyroscope for excellent long term performance and reliability.

Two variants are available on order to suit different retrofit requirement or new installation.

PIRO 25U with main connector on top in upright mount.

PIRO 25D with main connector on bottom in reverse mount.

On site setup has never been easier with a separate config port that will not

require to interrupt existing field power and data cable.

On site setup can also be performed via bluetooth from Android smartphone and tablet.


Luminous LED indication that shows different colours representing different status and fault which allows easy preliminary diagnostics.

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